Fatima Islamic Society Needs Your Help

AoA Momineen and Mominaat:

Fatima Islamic Society is starting a series of projects to improve the experience of our membership and the conditions of the building. The three things we will be addressing immediately are

  1. Inviting better speakers to significant Islamic events.
  2. Improvement and renovation of the Bathrooms and Kitchen.
  3. Improvement of the space and heating/cooling situation in the Women’s Section

We have been able to secure the world renowned Mir Hassan Mir for the upcoming 15th Shabaan milad (being held on May 5th). Your participation and help in this undertaking will go a long way towards establishing FIS as the location for attracting premier speakers.

For the Bathrooms, we will be sectioning off the toilets to be completely private and sealed off such that the wash basins and the toilets can be used simultaneously. We will be upgrading the exhaust fans and the toilets to be of commercial quality and installing dual sink vanities. The wall and floor tiles will also be replaced with commercial quality tiles.

For the Women’s section, the section between the main sitting area and the kid’s room will be leveled and secured to provide complete privacy and a larger sitting area. The AC Units will be serviced and additional ducts installed as needed.

The Kitchen is already being repaired by volunteers incrementally and we plan to have a well polished kitchen before the start of Ramadan inshallah.

If you are able to volunteer any advice or help in these renovation projects, please do reach out.

With the month of Ramadan fast approaching, it is paramount that we start these projects soon. Any small help or donation you can provide will go a long way towards implementing these projects.

Jazak Allah Khair

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